• Little Spanish Bridge

    Stimulating through:
    music, art, dance, language, exercise, fun, and play

    The perfect enrichment companion for your kid's educational plan

  • A Montessori based studio

    life practical activities

    independent thinkers, natural problem solvers, unique, and authentic

  • Brains enhanced

    Let's partner to help them reach their maximum potential

    Let's partner, let us be your more

  • Multiage environment

    Teaching kids to respect and protect a diverse community

    Understanding that we are all different and unique

  • Practical living skills

    sharing, taking turns, respect, politeness, manners

    learning how to become part of a diverse community

  • Happiness

    is always our main Goal!

  • Mommy and me classes

    Stimulating senses

    Language - Montessori activities - Songs - games - rhymes - massage

What is Little Spanish Bridge?

Established in 2014. Unplug and imagine. We believe that children are explorers, inventors, learners. All it takes to unleash their imagination is a fun challenge. Little Spanish Bridge gives babies and children the tools and the space to make up their own game. Encouraging inventiveness, problem solving skills and creativity: essential skills for now and the future. We stand for 100% unplugged and offline learning fun. We have developed an innovative enrichment and early stimulation program for infants, toddlers, older kids and their parents.

Our classes are offered in our studio in Edmond (very close to OKC and easy to get to). See you there. We also offer full Spanish immersion program, mommy and me, after school program, and summer programs.Little Spanish Bridge is a private intellectual studio where kids get exposed to activities that stimulate your kid's sense of sight, sound, touch, taste, and smell. This early stimulation can help improve your child's attention span, memory, curiosity, and nervous system development. Furthermore, Little Spanish Bridge is a full immersion foreign language (Spanish) studio where you can find the perfect enrichment program for the entire family! We have you all covered; from babies, toddlers, preschoolers, school-age kids and even the adults. We bring stimulating and brain-powering classes held 100% in Spanish. Classes full of joy, creativity and excitement for the little ones and for the entire family.

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  • “Such a fun way to learn Spanish! My children are loving the crafts, singing, and dancing. You know it's a good time when they don't want to leave.”

    Allison McPherson
    Kids Mother
  • "Making the decision to use Little Spanish Bridge was one of the best choices my husband and I could have made for enriching our child's education."

    Lisa Wheeler
    Kids Mother
  • "Let me start by saying that it's not possible to express in words how much I think of this program and Angela and what she does. I feel blessed to have the opportunity to allow my child to attend this Spanish class."

    Shawna Aguilar
    Kids Mother